AI in AI (Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Industry)

Data Due Diligence on Intelligent Platforms

We started our successful journey with ICRISAT where we got an opportunity to build an Artificial Intelligence Layer on two countries data over 40 + years of diversified data lake. Stream Agri data across various source onto Hadoop platform and apply Artificial Intelligence systems to identify the data quality and validate the chunks of data so as to focus on gaps in inferences drawn so far.

Artificial Intelligence on Seeds distribution patterns

Integrate Agri data across various source onto Hadoop platform and apply Advance Machine Learning Algorithms To create data models by combining the secondary data from open data sources and the primary data collected on the MEASURE platform. Create analytical models that will help the projects to quantify their contribution to the SDGs and other global grand challenges.

Value Addition:

Terabytes of data can be seen on a single platform which will be made available for the Policy Makers to take decisions on Scientific and Measure based Evidence. Focus on the subsidy eco system can be strengthened..

More From EMPIEZO:

  • Actionable Reports for Policy Makers.
  • Seed Distribution Patterns using Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • IoT enabled Farming which captures more than 17 parameters to strengthen the Research and Market places by making farmer community as key beneficiary entity.
  • Making sense of 60 years of Big Data.
  • Quantifying contribution from Projects.
  • Data validation, Data Quality, Gap Analysis etc.
  • Streamlined Agri-data on to Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Built Artificial Intelligence layer over decades of diversified data lake.
  • Created Data Models by applying Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.