An Advanced Analytics Frame work which will Assess the Risk prior to Disbursement of LOANS in Micro Finance Industry by which addresses Risk Profile, Competitor pulse, Location wise profit portfolio assessment.

Fraud Detection & Live Tracking of Field Executive to predict PAR Clients

Identify fraudulent cases with highest precision, recovery management systems made more concrete, which prevents loss and can target defaulters. Also ratings for risk areas, predictive analytics on client acquisition.

More From EMPIEZO:

  • Competitor Pulse
  • Risk Profile & Loss Prevention
  • Location-wise Portfolio Assessment
  • Predictive Analytics on Client Acquisition
  • Precise Identification of Fraudulent Cases
  • Risk Assessment Prior to Loan Disbursement
  • Single Interface to Monitor Progress & Performance
  • Dynamic Reporting Resulting in Reduction of Man-Hours
  • Risk Assessment benchmark models for identification of PAR members
  • Fraud detection at various functional groups and Optimize the overall value chain
  • Risk based approach using big data analytics to target population for breakeven Consistency
  • Customized dashboards across multiple layers to identify performance at core areas And CXO dashboards