Missing Data Handling for P & G indirectly helped..

To identify multiple sources of data sources which are being uploaded in huge volumes on a daily basis across globe and Assess the Data Quality in terms of Missing, Right and reliable data also impute the data fields. Integration, Migration and Missing data handling are the key areas worked on enterprise data ware house environment.

Value Addition:

Able to impute the missing data approximately 20% of 250 GB in 4 Minutes with 88-92% of accuracy. Previously it was around 3.5 Hours daily three times with 25% of missing information, which saved millions of dollars.

More From EMPIEZO:

  • Sales Pattern Analysis
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Customer Behavior Analytics
  • Personalized Store Experience
  • IoT based Positioning to increase sales
  • Categorize & Impute various Data fields
  • Space Optimization using Deep Learning & AI
  • Promotional Analytics using Artificial Intelligence
  • Real time Inventory Management using Block Chain technology
  • Assess LIVE Data pouring in from all over the world on a daily basis
  • Quick reporting with high accuracy resulted in saving Millions of Dollars