National Level Assessment Program for
Internship Gateway in Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning-2022

Computer Vision & Deep Learning Services

Our dedicated team of Computer Vision and Deep Learning experts help you to apply various deep learning algorithms to different domains. Ranging from facial recognition to document reading, classification to prediction using computer vision algorithms we bring more value to your business needs.

Predictive Analytics

What are you expecting to anticipate? Customer behaviour? Machinery/component failure? Patient recruitment? Target industry?
Predictive Analytics for anticipating before you invest time and money. Use future technology to drive your business.

Natural Language Processing

Whether you deal with tons of documents, lots of text from your chatbots, NLP allows you to take meaningful decisions out of it. It also saves time in processing hundreds and thousands of documents manually. But the trick is not just the available algorithms, state of art of using these systematically and scientifically to resolve the problem.

Machine Learning for Enterprises

Bagged with 100+ years of combined experienced teams, we offer enterprise Machine Learning solutions to optimise business processes by our value added insights. We support in minimizing the human intervention and automate the business operations


Companies must innovate to survive in the competitive world. Inventing, designing, and developing must be efficient and aligned to stay competitive and manage costs. We bridge the gap from inception of an idea to go from conception to commercially viable product by leveraging Data integration platforms with automation.

Our Strategy:

A standalone data science product development is different from software engineering product. It involves more of combination of Engineering, IoT, Integration of Data, Big Data Lakes bringing together to solve a problem that fits all workflow process. We provide best Architecture that fits best into the business requirements.
Where we provide a platform from Pre-Idea to Commercial Viable Product to meet your business requirements.
  • Idea Validation
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Development of Proof of Concept
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Build Commercially Viable Product

Our Core Strengths:

Our AI team has vast expertise in multiple domains who are seasoned data science professionals efficiently handles any kind of data irrespective of size and variety. We are specialised to build customised Machine Learning solutions aligned to client’s business objectives keeping the future market trends in view.
We understand client’s business needs and help them to derive business intelligence to machine learning models for successful journey. Unique requirements of every organization, use cases and diversified data and processes are carefully crafted to create machine learning stories sustainable market growth.
We Listen to your Data and business objectives, understand your valuable client needs:
Starting from data collection to the storage, data diversity to data behaviour, storage to storytelling, we are well versed to understand and handle your data to solve the business problems. The core issues and unseen patterns uncovered sequences will be addressed by our expert teams.
Our methodology may look normal but the mastery over the in-depth knowledge gives you the handhold support in every stage of the service we offer.
Typical roadmap
Data Collection Practices:

1. Collect relevant data

  • Do we require all your organisation’s data? Not necessarily in every event. We don’t make you tedious in bringing all data together. Most relevant, available data inclined to business use cases defined by you will be carefully collected
2. Feasibility Analysis
  • Before even go to exploratory data Analysis, we offer you a sample road map and possible solution designs crafted by our expert teams.
3. Exploratory Analysis
  • Most ideal data sets inclined to the user stories are brought together to relate valuable reports and data driven recommendations.
4. ML Play Station
  • Our expert team of data scientists will take care of all the challenges, difficulties to design, develop and deploy in your business workflows. We offer best experience in handling your data for your business solutions.