Power Distribution Sector

Asset detection and management in power distribution sector using AI Technologies:

An AI solution based on its “Deep Learning & OCR Models” approach for Assess health of meter cabin (OBJECT DETECTION & CLASSIFICATION) is being
Assess the health of meter cabin by detecting the anomalies in meter cabin photograph captured through mobile device by considering

  • Count of meters in meter cabin
  • Row wise & column wise count of Meters in Meter cabin
  • Condition of wiring/meter cabin (e.g. good/bad/worst)

A. Quality of Meter Installation:
Check if the meter is installed properly. Quality of meter installation should be assessed based on the detection of following abnormalities, if any

  • Damaged/Broken Meter
  • Defective Meter

B. Health & Quality of LT Pillars & Street Light Cubicles
Assess the health of LT & Street Light Pillars by detecting the anomalies in photograph captured through mobile device. Following is a list of abnormalities that would be considered

  • Painting
  • Presence of stickers on pillars